TIDI-Cable have launched new and innovative products that offer protection against trailing cables on construction sites, which pose a major health and safety threat. TIDI-Cable's complete 'cable management products' range include Tidi Hooks, which are screwed onto walls, or ceilings and cables are run through them.

Tidi Hangers (S Hooks/Sky Hooks) are heavy duty hooks which can be hung over scaffolding, cable trays or ceiling grids, and then have the cables run through them. Tidi Hangers (S Hooks/Sky Hooks) can also be screwed onto walls, with the presence of screw holes on the side.

Both of these are stocked in a Bright Orange color, making them highly visible, and they are also available in any other color upon request. Using these products removes the risk that trailing cables pose, and also offers a smart and tidy cable management system.

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