Insulated Tools

Insulated ToolsInsulated Tools (Live Line Tools) have a 45 year track record of producing insulated tools to the highest standard possible. We know that live line working needs high quality Insulated Tools (Live Line Tools), so we ensure that all our tools more than meet the Category 'C' specification, meaning you can rest assured that you've got the best protection available. Insulated Tools (Live Line Tools) that the Live Line professional can rely on. Insulated Tools (Live Line Tools) that can be used in extreme cold climates. The only company to insulate its products with the material Nylon 11: Each tool is injection moulded, A unique feature to Insulated Tools (Live Line Tools). Nylon 11, the preferred material of the professional Live Line Worker because of its mechanical strength This makes the insulation more hard wearing in the field, therefore safer for the operative and also more cost effective

The ultimate in electrical and live line protection. ITL manufactures unique, injection molded, insulated tools from Nylon 11. All ITL (Fully Insulated Live Line Tools) are 100% tested to IEC 60900 and Category C. Which means that they can be used in extreme climates and in the harshest and toughest of conditions.

ITL (Fully Insulated Live Line Tools) is the only manufacturer of insulated tools that can make this claim. ITL (Fully Insulated Live Line Tools) are the highest quality and standard in the industry. They are longer lasting and harder wearing with a lifetime guarantee. All over the world the professional uses ITL insulated tools. He knows they are the very best.

All ITL tools are injection molded and not PVC dipped. ITL (Fully Insulated Live Line Tools) are unique and are talked about by the tradesmen and professionals with a hushed reverence. Be a real pro, be safe - always use ITL Insulated Tools - ITL (Fully Insulated Live Line Tools) - where safety rules.