Kingsmill Copper Earth Bars, Copper Bus Bars

Kingsmill Earth Bars | Kingsmill Bus Bars | BusbarsAll Kingsmill Earth Bars (Bus Bar) are manufactured in their dedicated factory from raw stock and go through a series of manufacturing processes by their skilled staff, thereby enabling them to manufacture and assemble any Earth Bar (Bus Bar) with consistent quality control.

Earth Bars (Bus Bars) Material
• Hard Drawn Copper Bar manufactured to British Standard BS 2874-C101/C103.
• Fittings - M10 x 35mm Hexagon sets c/w 2No M10 Full Nuts, 1No M10 Flat washer.
• Insulators - Reinforced Polyester with brass inserts.
• Powder coated galvanised steel channel base.

Standard sized Earth Bars (Bus Bars) are shown in the categories above, however we can also manufacture special Earth Bars (Bus Bars) to customers specification.