BX1-225 BICON BX1-225 Electrical Joint Compound
BX1-225 BICON BX1-225 Electrical Joint Compound

BX1-225 BICON BX1-225 Electrical Joint Compound

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        Where is BICON BX1-225 used?

        BICON BX1-225 should be used in all aluminium to aluminium and aluminium to copper joints. The contact surfaces of the elements to be joined should be thoroughly scratch brushed. The BICON BX1-225 should be liberally applied and any excess removed after securing the joint.

        BICON BX1-225 should be used for all applications where insulation will not be applied to the joint, such as substations and switchgears.

        BICON Inhibitor compounds are designed to prevent galvanic corrosion and to enhance connections in electrical joints. They are especially effective when used on copper to aluminium and aluminium to aluminium connections.

        In general BICON Inhibitor Compounds consist of a liquid base vehicle in which zinc particles are suspended. The base vehicle is a natural or synthetic grease which prevents water and other contaminents from influencing the connection and prevents the formation of surface oxides. The zinc particles help to break down existing oxide on the conducting surfaces when those surfaces are brought together under pressure.

        These particles form electrical bridges which improve the connection.
        BICON BX1-225 has a natural (petroleum) grease base. It is recommended for all bare outdoor applications because of its excellent weathering properties. This petroleum base reacts chemically with rubber insulation and to a lesser degree with polyethylene insulation. The result is swelling and a reduction in the tensile characteristics of the insulation material. If reasonable care is taken to remove any excess from a connection, the resulting effect on insulating material is negligible.
        Our experience shows that BICON BX1-225 Inhibitor Compound enhances the performance of electrical connections, particularly in aluminium to aluminium and aluminium to copper joints. The compounds, in bulk, are highly resistive, however, when applied as a thin film, with the aid
        of zinc particles, they decrease the contact resistance of a joint.

        Product Content: 225g

        For further technical information on this item view the datasheet here

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